Support and licensing for Windows Azure (SharePoint Server 2010)

Applies To: SharePoint Server 2010, Windows Virtualization


This article provides support and licensing information for deploying Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 on the Windows Azure platform.


SharePoint Server 2010 supports the hosted virtualization solution of Microsoft, as well as required technologies, such as Microsoft SQL Server, when these products and technologies are deployed on the Windows Azure platform.


We do not support Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint deployments on Windows Azure.


You must ensure that your virtualization solution meets all the licensing requirements. For information about License Mobility, see License Mobility Through Software Assurance

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products

Every element of a Microsoft SharePoint Server farm that is installed on a virtual machine must comply with the licensing requirements for SharePoint Server 2010 and related and supporting technologies. For more information about licensing SharePoint Server 2010, see Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Licensing Q&A (

Windows Azure and other Microsoft Server Products

For more information about Windows Azure licensing and costs, go to the Windows Azure site.

For information about licensing other Microsoft Server products in a virtual environment, see LICENSING MICROSOFT SERVER PRODUCTS IN VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS (

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