Implementing Persistent Cookies in SharePoint 2010 Products (white paper)


This paper describes best practices and scenario requirements for implementing persistent cookies or session cookies within your organization when using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products. Cookies are used to maintain state information as you navigate to different pages on a web site or return to the web site later. SharePoint sites can use either session or persistent cookies. This paper explains how to choose the appropriate approach for your sites. There are some inherent limitations when you use session cookies. This paper describes these limitations and provides guidance to help you determine which technology to deploy.

This white paper contains the following sections:

  • Overview of SharePoint 2010 Products persistent cookies

  • Session cookies

  • Persistent cookies

  • SharePoint authentication cookies

  • Integrating with the Microsoft Office System

  • Workarounds to use with session cookies

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Implementing Persistent Cookies in SharePoint Products

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