Microsoft.SharePoint.AdministrationOperation namespace

Provides types and members for performing administrative operations in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.


  Class Description
Public class SPAuthenticationProvider Represents an authentication provider.
Public class SPFormsAuthenticationProvider Represents the ASP.NET membership and role provider authentication.
Public class SPIisWebSite Represents an Internet Information Services (IIS) Web site.
Public class SPMetabaseObject Represents an object that is persisted in the Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration store (previously referred to as ‘metabase’).
Public class SPSecureBinding Represents a server binding for a site that uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS).
Public class SPTrustedAuthenticationProvider Represents the authentication provider that is trusted by SharePoint.
Public class SPWindowsAuthenticationProvider Represents a Windows authentication provider.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration HttpErrorsExistingResponseOptions Specifies whether Internet Information Services (IIS) overwrites Microsoft SharePoint Foundation error messages.
Public enumeration IdentityType Specifies the process identity type used by a Web application.
Public enumeration SPIisWebSite.SPIisServerState Indicates the state of the server that runs Internet Information Services (IIS).