SPClaimEntityTypes members

Represents the entity types returned by the various claim providers found in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Claims namespace.

The SPClaimEntityTypes type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public propertyStatic member DistributionList Gets the entity type for distribution list entities.
Public propertyStatic member FormsRole Gets the entity type for forms authentication roles.
Public propertyStatic member SecurityGroup Gets the entity type for security group entities.
Public propertyStatic member System Gets the entity type for system entities.
Public propertyStatic member Trusted Gets the entity type for trusted claim provider entities.
Public propertyStatic member User Gets the entity type for user entities.



  Name Description
Public methodStatic member ArePrincipalTypeAndEntityTypeConsistent
Public methodStatic member ConvertFromPrincipalType Performs a conversion from principal types to entity types.
Public methodStatic member ConvertToPrincipalType Performs a conversion from entity types to principal types.
Public methodStatic member Equals Performs a comparison between two entity type objects.


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