Microsoft.SharePoint.JSGrid namespace

Contains methods used to control the display and output format of data used within a grid control.

For more information about the JS Grid control, refer to: JS Grid Control.


  Class Description
Public class BaseGridColumn A base class providing properties and serialization functionality to classes implementing grid columns.
Public class CellStyle Contains properties for formatting cells.
Public class Change Represents a collection of related updates to the grid.
Public class FieldOrder This class contains information necessary to sort a column.
Public class FieldOrderCollection Represents a collection of FieldOrder objects.
Public class FilterComparisonOperator Provides functionality for comparing values when filtering in the grid.
Public class GanttBarStyle Defines a Gantt bar style for use in a JSGrid control Gantt chart.
Public class GanttIntrinsicFields Defines fields that a Gantt control uses in a special manner, such as drawing bars or determining hierarchy.
Public class GanttStyleInfo Contains properties and functionality that determine the formatting of the bars that are contained in a Gantt chart.
Public class GridColumn Represents the visual aspect of a column to be displayed in the grid.
Public class GridField Represents a field of data in the grid.
Public class GridSerializer Serializes configuration information and data for the Microsoft.SharePoint.JSGrid into a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) string.
Protected class GridSerializer.SerializedChange<T> Indicates that the user has made a change.
Protected class GridSerializer.SerializedProp Represents the serialized json describing a change that originates from somewhere other than the user. For example a range validation is a GridSerializer.SerializedProp.
Protected class GridSerializer.SerializedUpdate<T> The members of this namespace or class are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public class GroupBy A field by which to group data in the grid.
Public class GroupingNode A node by which others can be grouped.
Public class HierarchyIntrinsicFields Defines fields that help determine the hierarchy layout of a list.
Public class HierarchyNode Represents a hierarchical node in the grid.
Public class Hyperlink Contains the hyperlink address and display information.
Public class InsertRecordUpdate Represents an update operation that consists of inserting a record.
Public class LookupTypeInfo Represents a property type based on a lookup table.
Public class LookupTypeItem Represents a lookup table value. For instance, one of the rows that would appear in a combo box for a lookup table valued cell.
Public class OutlineLevelUpdate An update to the outline level of a record.
Public class PagingFilter Indicates to a JsGrid which records to serialize and send down to a Web client.
Public class PivotedGridColumn Represents a pivot grid column that will appear in JSGrid.
Public class Prop Represents one cell in the grid.
Public class PropUpdate This class represents an update to an individual cell.
Public class Range An object used to represent a range of integer values.
Public class RemoveRecordUpdate Represents the removal of a record in the grid.
Public class SliceUpdate Represents an update to the serializer’s data that occurs after the data has been sliced but before it has been serialized.
Public class Update Represents a single update to the grid. A Change object represents a collection of related updates.


  Interface Description
Public interface IFilterExpressionUtility Get the value representing the IFilterExpressionUtility.
Public interface ILink A link to be displayed between records in a Gantt chart.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate CellPropTypeIdRetriever A delegate representing a method to retrieve the property type identifier associated with a cell.
Public delegate FilterComparisonOperator.MultiValueComparer A delegate representing a method to compare multiple values.
Public delegate FilterComparisonOperator.SingleValueComparer A delegate representing a method to compare two values.
Public delegate KeyDeserializer A delegate representing a method to deserialize a key.
Public delegate ObjectBuilderFromLocalized A delegate that creates an object from a localized value to an object, based on a row and fieldKey.
Public delegate ObjectBuilderFromSerialized Builds an object from a serialized value and property type identifier.
Public delegate PopulateGroupingRows A delegate representing a method to populate grouping rows in a grid.
Public delegate PostFilterUpdate A delegate representing an operation that will be done on filtered dataset prior to serialization.
Public delegate ValueComparer This is the default implementation used by grid fields with no custom comparer delegate set.
Public delegate ValueLocalizer A delegate representing a method to localize a data value.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BarEndShape Specifies the shape that is displayed on either end of a Gantt bar.
Public enumeration BarPattern Specifies a pattern for the background of a Gantt bar.
Public enumeration BarShape Used to indicate the size, shape, and location of a given gantt bar.
Public enumeration BarShapePattern Indicates that the bar shape is displayed as filled or hollow.
Public enumeration EditMode This enumerator provides settings used to specify whether the cells contained in a record or field should allow editing.
Public enumeration HierarchyValidationMode
Public enumeration LinkType Specifies the dependency relationship between two rows in a Gantt chart.
Public enumeration PaneLayout Specifies the chart to display; gird only, grid and gantt chart, or grid and pivoted grid.
Public enumeration SerializeMode Specifies which elements of the configuration and data of the grid will be serialized.
Public enumeration TextDirection Indicates the direction of characters in the grid control.
Public enumeration Update.UpdateType Represents the types of updates that the JS Grid control supports.