Microsoft.Office.Server.ObjectCache namespace

Defines the in-memory object cache for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 objects.

The classes and methods in this namespace provide a cache interface that can be used to store objects of any type.


  Class Description
Public class CacheItemRemovedEventArgs Arguments that support the NotifyItemRemoved() method.
Public class KeyValuePair Specifies an optional property for an object in a cache.
Public class SPCache Allows access to allocated caches.
Public class SPCacheConfig Helper class for managing object caches.
Public class SPCachedObject Represents an instance of an object in a cache, along with metadata related to expiration, size, hit count, expiration, and parent-child relationships.


  Structure Description
Public structure CacheParameter Specifies the possible parameters for creating a cache.


  Interface Description
Public interface ISPCache Defines an interface for adding, deleting, and retrieving cached objects.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DeletionReason An enumeration that defines the possible reasons for an object’s removal from a cache.
Public enumeration PriorityType An enumeration that specifies the possible priority levels for objects in a cache.