EcmDocumentRoutingWeb members

Represents a repository abstraction that can be configured to automatically organize and manage incoming content.

The EcmDocumentRoutingWeb type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method EcmDocumentRoutingWeb Initializes a new instance of a EcmDocumentRoutingWeb object for the specified Web site.



  Name Description
Public property DropOffZone Gets the document library representing a single point of submission in the content organizer-enabled site.
Public property DropOffZoneUrl Gets the absolute URL of the single point of submission in the content organizer-enabled site.
Public property IsEmailRoutingEnabled Gets whether the site is configured to organize e-mails.
Public property IsRoutingEnabled Gets whether the Web site is a valid content organizer enabled site.
Public property Router Gets the content organizer associated with this site.
Public property RoutingRuleCollection Gets the collection of rules that specifies the final location for incoming documents.



  Name Description
Public method AddCustomRouter Registers a custom router with the content organizer-enabled site
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Public method RemoveCustomRouter Removes a custom router registered with the content organizer-enabled site.
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