TaxonomyFilterGenerator.GetRefinement method

Gets the refinement XML based on the refinement data.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.WebControls
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Server.Search (in Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.dll)


Public Overrides Function GetRefinement ( _
    refinedData As Dictionary(Of String, Dictionary(Of String, RefinementDataElement)), _
    filterXml As XmlDocument, _
    maxFilterCats As Integer _
) As List(Of XmlElement)
Dim instance As TaxonomyFilterGenerator
Dim refinedData As Dictionary(Of String, Dictionary(Of String, RefinementDataElement))
Dim filterXml As XmlDocument
Dim maxFilterCats As Integer
Dim returnValue As List(Of XmlElement)

returnValue = instance.GetRefinement(refinedData, _
    filterXml, maxFilterCats)
public override List<XmlElement> GetRefinement(
    Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, RefinementDataElement>> refinedData,
    XmlDocument filterXml,
    int maxFilterCats


  • maxFilterCats
    Type: System.Int32

    The maximum number of top filter categories to generate.

Return value

Type: System.Collections.Generic.List<XmlElement>
A list of XML elements, each of which contains the refinement for a filter category.


This override creates the XML that is used to construct the refinement panel.

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