BaseXsltListWebPart.DfwpCacheWrite method

Writes an item to the [T:HYPERLINK""System.Web.Caching.Cache] based on a key.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)


Protected Overrides Sub DfwpCacheWrite ( _
    storage As Storage, _
    key As String, _
    forceSharedAppCache As Boolean, _
    value As Object, _
    timeoutSecs As Integer _
Dim storage As Storage
Dim key As String
Dim forceSharedAppCache As Boolean
Dim value As Object
Dim timeoutSecs As Integer

Me.DfwpCacheWrite(storage, key, forceSharedAppCache, _
    value, timeoutSecs)
protected override void DfwpCacheWrite(
    Storage storage,
    string key,
    bool forceSharedAppCache,
    Object value,
    int timeoutSecs


  • forceSharedAppCache
    Type: System.Boolean

    true to prevent the caching code from generating a key scoped to the current page or Web Part state; otherwise, false.

  • timeoutSecs
    Type: System.Int32

    A 32-bit signed integer that represents the time, in seconds, until the cached item expires.


If IsGhosted is true and storage is Shared, this override inserts the item into the Cache with an expiration of timeoutSecs.

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