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Renders a control that is used to display and track published activity feeds.

The PublishedNewsFeedWebPart type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method PublishedNewsFeedWebPart Initializes a new instance of the PublishedNewsFeedWebPart class.



  Name Description
Protected property ActivityManager Gets the ActivityManager for the current user. (Inherited from NewsFeedWebPartBase.)
Public property MaxItemsToDisplay Gets or sets the maximum number of ActivityEvent objects to display. (Overrides NewsFeedWebPartBase.MaxItemsToDisplay.)
Protected property ShowUserPicture Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to show user pictures when displaying activity events. (Inherited from NewsFeedWebPartBase.)



  Name Description
Protected method OnInit Handles the Init event. (Inherited from NewsFeedWebPartBase.)
Protected method OnPreRender Handles the PreRender event. (Overrides WebPartLocOnPreRender(Object, EventArgs).)
Protected method RenderWebPart Renders the ActivityEvent objects in the m_EventsCollection. (Overrides NewsFeedWebPartBase.RenderWebPart(HtmlTextWriter).)
Protected method RequiresWebPartClientScript Indicates whether this Web Part has client-side script to register with the Web Part Page Services Component (WPSC) framework. (Inherited from NewsFeedWebPartBase.)



  Name Description
Protected field m_EventsCollection Represents an ActivityEventsCollection used to manage the ActivityEvent objects that are tracked in the news feed. (Inherited from NewsFeedWebPartBase.)


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