Microsoft.SharePoint.DistributedCaching.Utilities namespace

Provides a set of classes for implementing utilities for managing the Distributed Cache service in SharePoint Server 2013.


  Class Description
Public class SPDistributedCacheCallUsageManager
Public class SPDistributedCacheCallUsageProvider The usage provider that stores information about distributed cache calls.
Public class SPDistributedCacheClientConfigurationSettings Specifies the configuration settings for a cache client.
Public class SPDistributedCacheClusterConfigHelper helper class is used to create/configure the cache cluster. Internal Use only
Public class SPDistributedCacheClusterConfigStorageLocation this class represents the velocity distributed cache cluster Config storage location
Public class SPDistributedCacheClusterInfo this class represents the velocity distributed cache cluster in a SPFarm
Public class SPDistributedCacheClusterInfoManager this class represents a velocity distributed cache cluster manager per SPFarm this class is repsonsible for managing the clusters in a farm.
Public class SPDistributedCacheCounter
Public class SPDistributedCacheHostInfo this class represents velocity Cache Host
Public class SPDistributedCacheHostInfoCollection This class represents the collection of the SPDistributedCacheHostInfo
Public class SPDistributedCachePerfCounterHelper
Public class SPDistributedCacheService
Public class SPDistributedCacheServiceInstance
Public class SPDistributedCacheTelemetryData class to store the telemetry data
Public class SPDistributedCacheUsageEntry


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CacheOperation
Public enumeration SPDistributedCacheContainerType Dedicated Named caches
Public enumeration SPDistributedCachedBlobAttributes Attributes if the cached blob , eg, Encrypt Data, Enrcrypt Key, Encrypt
Public enumeration SPDistributedCacheHostStatus
Public enumeration SPDistributedItemsContainerAttributes Attributes of a named cache (SPDistributedItemsContainer)