Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.DatabaseProvider namespace


  Class Description
Public class DatabaseContext Contains information for a database and its server.
Public class DatabaseProviderException An exception class specific to the IDatabaseProvider interface.
Public class ProvisionedDatabaseContext Provides accessors for getting and setting information resulting from database provisioning.
Public class ServerContext Contains information about the server to be used for database provisioning.


  Interface Description
Public interface IDatabaseProvider Provides methods to manage the lifecycle of databases.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DatabaseEnableDisableState Enumeration used to define database enable/disable states.
Public enumeration DatabaseProviderError Specifies the database provider errors.
Public enumeration DatabaseReadWriteState Specifies the read/write state of a database.
Public enumeration PackageSource Specifies the source of the package that is associated with a provisioned database.
Public enumeration SqlAuthenticationMode Specifies constants representing SQL Server Authentication modes.