Microsoft.SharePoint.DistributedCaching namespace


  Class Description
Public class SPDistributedCacheClientRequestTimeOutException Retry
Public class SPDistributedCacheClusterDownException cache cluster is down
Public class SPDistributedCacheConnectionTerminatedException This error occurs when an existing connection is unexpectedly closed between an application and the cache cluster. One common cause of this exception is when a cache host is shutdown. Network errors could also result in terminating the connection.
Public class SPDistributedCachedObjectAlreadyLockedException Object Already lock Exception.
Public class SPDistributedCachedObjectDecryptionFailedException Decryption Failed Exception.
Public class SPDistributedCachedObjectEncryptionFailedException Encryption Failed Exception.
Public class SPDistributedCachedObjectNotLockedException Object is not locked Exception.
Public class SPDistributedCachedObjectNotSerializableException Object not Serializable Exception
Public class SPDistributedCacheDuplicateKeyException Duplicate Key Exception.
Public class SPDistributedCacheException Exception class for Distibuted caching
Public class SPDistributedCacheGenericException Generic Exception
Public class SPDistributedCacheInvalidCacheLockHandleException Invalid Cache Lock Handle Exception.
Public class SPDistributedCacheKeyNotFoundException Key Not found Exception.
Public class SPDistributedCacheNotEnoughCacheHostsPresentException This error indicates that a cache is read only, because there are not enough cache hosts to comply with the high availability requirements
Public class SPDistributedCacheRegionAlreadyExistsException Region Already Exists Exception.
Public class SPDistributedCacheRegionNotFoundException Region not found Exception.
Public class SPDistributedCacheServerStillConfiguringException This error can occur during reconfiguration scenarios on the cache cluster.
Public class SPDistributedCacheServerThrottledException Applications that get this error are trying to write data to cache hosts that are critically low on memory.