PublishOption enumeration

Specifies a publish option to control the per page output when converting files to fixed formats.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Server.PowerPoint.Conversion
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Server.PowerPoint (in Microsoft.Office.Server.PowerPoint.dll)


Public Enumeration PublishOption
Dim instance As PublishOption
public enum PublishOption


Member name Description
Default Specifies the default option used unless another option is specified.
Slides Specifies the Slides option, which outputs a slide per page.
Outline Specifies the Outline option, which outputs a slide outline per page.
Handout1 Specifies the Handout1 option, which outputs a slide handout per page.
Handout2 Specifies the Handout2 option, which outputs two slide handouts per page
Handout3 Specifies the Handout3 option, which outputs three slide handouts per page.
Handout4 Specifies the Handout4 option, which outputs four slide handouts per page.
Handout6 Specifies the Handout6 option, which outputs six slide handouts per page.
Handout9 Specifies the Handout9 option, which outputs nine slide handouts per page.

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