Microsoft.Office.Server.Discovery namespace

Provides types and members used for eDiscovery.


  Class Description
Public class Case Represents an eDiscovery case.
Public class Custodian Represents a custodian associated with a case.
Public class CustodianCollection Represents a collection of custodians in an eDiscovery case.
Public class DiscoveryDuplicateSourceException Represents an eDiscovery exception that is thrown when a source is not unique.
Public class DiscoveryException Represents an eDiscovery-specific exception..
Public class Export A wrapper which provides properties and methods for interacting with list items in eDiscovery Export lists.
Public class ExportCollection Represents a collection of Export objects.
Public class SavedSearch Represents a query which contains a set of sources or source groups that can be used to filter results.
Public class SavedSearchCollection Represents a collection of SavedSearch objects.
Public class Source An eDiscovery source which specifies a location or mailbox which can be added to preservation, query or export operations.
Public class SourceCollection Represents a collection of Source objects.
Public class SourceGroup Represents a group that contains a list of sources that can be preserved or unpreserved as a unit.
Public class SourceGroupCollection Represents a collection of SourceGroup objects.
Public class SourceValidation Provides a container for data about whether a source is valid.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ExportStatus Represents the export status of Export object.
Public enumeration SourceManagementType Enumerates a SourceManagementType. object.
Public enumeration SourceType Enumerates a SourceType object.