IsSPListItemPropertyLookupToDocsField members

The IsSPListItemPropertyLookupToDocsField type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method IsSPListItemPropertyLookupToDocsField() Initializes a new instance of the IsSPListItemPropertyLookupToDocsField class.
Public method IsSPListItemPropertyLookupToDocsField(InArgument<String>) Initializes a new instance of the IsSPListItemPropertyLookupToDocsField class using the binding terminal that supports the flow of data into an activity.



  Name Description
Protected property CacheId (Inherited from Activity.)
Protected property Constraints (Inherited from Activity.)
Public property DisplayName (Inherited from Activity.)
Public property Id (Inherited from Activity.)
Protected property Implementation (Inherited from Activity.)
Public property PropertyName
Public property Result (Inherited from Activity<Boolean>.)
Public property ResultType (Inherited from ActivityWithResult.)



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Protected method CacheMetadata (Inherited from Activity.)
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Public method ShouldSerializeDisplayName (Inherited from Activity.)
Public method ToString (Inherited from Activity.)


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