Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowServices namespace

Use the SharePoint 2013 Workflow Services API to create, modify, run, export, and manage virtually all aspects of your SharePoint workflows.

The SharePoint 2013 Workflow Services API provides you with the means to control virtually every aspect of Windows Workflow Foundation 4 workflows in SharePoint, as well as to manage backward compatibility with workflows built on Windows Workflow Foundation 3.


  Class Description
Public class ConfigurationException Exception that is thrown when a problem occurs with the workflow configuration.
Public class ContentSubscriptionEventReceiver Forwards events resulting from content changes in a SharePoint list to the external workflow host.
Public class ContentWebChangeEventReceiver Responds to events associated with name changes on the SPWeb instance and coordinates the change with the external workflow host.
Public class DGWorkflowDeploymentProvider
Public class ExternalVariableName Contains the set of standard workflow external variable names available to workflow instances that call the ExternalVariableValue class.
Public class NotConnectedException This exception is thrown when the SharePoint Server is not properly connected to the Workflow Manager Client 1.0 component.
Public class SolutionProvider Base class for workflow service classes that wish to interact with an external workflow host.
Public class SolutionProviderFactory Abstract base class for creating solution provider instances.
Public class SPAppOnlyPolicyManagerFeatureReceiver Allows user to set app-only policy on SharePoint workflows. When activated, it allows SharePoint workflows to run using all App permissions.
Public class SPCustomActionPackagingFeatureReceiver Enables the deployment and retraction of custom workflow actions and custom workflow activities.
Public class SPWorkflowPackageFeatureReceiver Defines methods that are called when the Workflow Manager Client 1.0 Feature is installed, uninstalled, activated, deactivated, or upgraded.
Public class WorkflowCapabilityChecker Used to determine whether a specified workflow service is available in the currently hosted web site.
Public class WorkflowConfigurationPropertyName Contains the set of standard workflow configuration property names that are available in a workflow instance that calls GetConfigurationValue.
Public class WorkflowContextPropertyName Helper class that enables you to organize workflow context property names across activities and subscriptions.
Public class WorkflowDefinition Represents a SharePoint workflow definition and encapsulates the workflow properties.
Public class WorkflowDefinitionCollection Represents a collection of WorkflowDefinitionobjects.
Public class WorkflowDefinitionStorageEventReceiver This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public class WorkflowDeploymentService Manages workflow definitions and workflow activity authoring.
Public class WorkflowInstance Represents a workflow instance running in Workflow Manager.
Public class WorkflowInstanceCollection Represents the collection class for workflow instances.
Public class WorkflowInstanceService Reads the SharePoint workflow instances from the external workflow host and manages the instance execution.
Public class WorkflowInteropEventReceiver Supports SharePoint workflow interop by raising a completion event when a Windows Workflow Foundation 3 workflow has completed; the class then passes a notification to the Windows Workflow Foundation 4 workflow instance running in the Workflow Manager that initiated the operation.This class enables interoperability between SharePoint 2010 workflows and SharePoint 2013 workflows, which are based on Windows Workflow Foundation 4, by allowing SharePoint 2013 workflow instances to register events on, and receive completion events from, Windows Workflow Foundation 3 workflows.
Public class WorkflowInteropService Base class that allows SharePoint 2013 workflows, which are based on Windows Workflow Foundation 4, to invoke SharePoint 2010 workflows, which are based on Windows Workflow Foundation 3.For more information about using SharePoint workflow Interop, see Use workflow interop for SharePoint 2013.
Public class WorkflowMessagingService Base class for the SharePoint workflow messaging functionality.
Public class WorkflowServiceHelper
Public class WorkflowServiceProxy Represents a workflow service proxy installed on a host server.
Public class WorkflowServicesContext
Public class WorkflowServicesManager Describes the workflow host configuration states and provides service objects to interact with workflow instances.
Public class WorkflowSubscription Base class representing subscriptions for the external workflow host.
Public class WorkflowSubscriptionCollection Represents a collection of SharePoint workflow subscriptions.
Public class WorkflowSubscriptionService Manages subscriptions for SharePoint workflow instances.
Public class WorkflowSubscriptionStorageEventReceiver This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.


  Interface Description
Public interface IWorkflowService Interface for interacting with the WorkflowServicesManager instance that is associated with a specified SharePoint site (SPWeb).


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration WorkflowServiceProperty Enumerates properties of the specified workflow service instance.
Public enumeration WorkflowStatus An enumeration that represents the runtime status of a workflow instance.