StandardNavigationSource enumeration

Identifies the three enumeration choices displayed on the AreaNavigationSettings.aspx control pane.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Navigation
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing (in Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.dll)


Public Enumeration StandardNavigationSource
Dim instance As StandardNavigationSource
public enum StandardNavigationSource


Member name Description
Unknown Returns a value of unknown to indicate an advanced configuration that does not correspond to one of the standard configurations.

This value cannot be manually assigned to the Source property.

PortalProvider Indicates that a PortalSiteMapProvider object is used (i.e., structural navigation).

The TaxonomySiteMapProvider is used with TaxonomySiteMapProviderSettings::UseParentSiteMap=false.

TaxonomyProvider Indicates that a TaxonomySiteMapProvider object is used (i.e., managed navigation).

TaxonomySiteMapProvider is used with TaxonomySiteMapProviderSettings::UseParentSiteMap=false.

InheritFromParentWeb Indicates that navigation settings will be inherited from the parent SPWeb object.

When navigation settings are inherited from the parent SPWeb object, SwitchableSiteMapProviderSettingsBase::UseParentSiteMap=true, TaxonomySiteMapProviderSettings::UseParentSiteMap=true, and, as appropriate, PortalNavigation::InheritGlobal or PortalNavigation::InheritCurrent will be true.


There are three identical enumeration choices for each standard navigation scheme: three for global navigation, and three for current navigation. The navigation choices are only available if the Publishing features are enabled on the current site collection.

The states represented by the three choices correspond to configurations of the underlying providers: the SwitchableSiteMapProvider class, the TaxonomySiteMapProvider class, and the PortalSiteMapProvider class.

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