QueryRule members

The QueryRule type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AssignBestBetsAction Gets the AssignBestBetsAction associated with the QueryRule
Public property ChangeQueryAction Gets the ChangeQueryAction associated with the QueryRule
Public property Contact Contact person for the query rule
Public property ContextConditions Gets the collection of Query Contexts associated with the QueryRule
Public property CreateResultBlockActions Gets the ChangeQueryAction associated with the QueryRule
Public property DisplayName Display Name for the Query Rule
Public property EndDate Date when this QueryRule becomes unavailable for query classification
Public property GroupId Group this rule is part of for this consumer
Public property Id
Public property IsActive Determine if the rule is active
Public property IsDeactivatedAtHigherLevel
Public property IsReadOnly
Public property IsSystem Is this an out of box rule
Public property LastModified Last Modification time stamp
Public property Owner
Public property ProcessingDirective
Public property QueryConditions Gets the collection of Query Conditions associated with the QueryRule
Public property ReviewDate Date for the review
Public property StartDate Date when this Query Rule becomes available for query classification



  Name Description
Public method CreateCategoryContextCondition(Term)
Public method CreateCategoryContextCondition(TermSet)
Public method CreateGenericContextCondition(String)
Public method CreateGenericContextCondition(String, Dictionary<String, Type>)
Public method CreateQueryAction
Public method CreateSourceContextCondition
Public method CreateUserSegmentContextCondition
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Public method MoveToGroup(QueryRuleGroup, GroupProcessingDirective) Adds this rule to a group
Public method MoveToGroup(QueryRuleGroup, GroupProcessingDirective, Int32)
Public method OnAfterChange
Public method OnPreChange
Public method RemoveQueryAction
Public method ToString (Overrides Object.ToString().)
Public method Update
Public method UpdateActiveStatus


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