VerificationServiceClient.VerifyEntitlementToken method

Specifies whether an app license token is valid, as well as various properties of the app license token.

Namespace:  VerificationSvc
Assembly:  SP15MrefVerificationSvc (in SP15MrefVerificationSvc.dll)


Public Function VerifyEntitlementToken ( _
    request As VerifyEntitlementTokenRequest _
) As VerifyEntitlementTokenResponse
Dim instance As VerificationServiceClient
Dim request As VerifyEntitlementTokenRequest
Dim returnValue As VerifyEntitlementTokenResponse

returnValue = instance.VerifyEntitlementToken(request)
public VerifyEntitlementTokenResponse VerifyEntitlementToken(
    VerifyEntitlementTokenRequest request


Return value

Type: VerificationSvc.VerifyEntitlementTokenResponse
The license token properties, including whether or not the license token is valid.

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