SPPrefixType enumeration

Specifies which part of a URL namespace that is used in this Web application belongs to Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)


Public Enumeration SPPrefixType
Dim instance As SPPrefixType
public enum SPPrefixType


Member name Description
ExplicitInclusion Specifies that a path-based site collection can be created at this specific URL path.
WildcardInclusion Specifies that multiple path-based site collections can be created under this URL path.
Exclusion Obsolete. This enumeration member is obsolete because it is no longer necessary to tell SharePoint Foundation which URL paths should not be handled by SharePoint Foundation. When the IIS worker process that serves the Web application is started, it scans the IIS home directory of the Web application looking for files, folders, and virtual directories. Those that it finds are automatically excluded, and are not listed in the SPPrefixCollection object associated with the Web application. This member generates a compiler warning, no operation is performed, and no exception is thrown.


When a request to this Web application is received by the Web server, SharePoint Foundation will look at the URL path of the request to determine whether the request should be handled by SharePoint Foundation or by IIS. Inclusions specify what URL paths are handled by SharePoint Foundation. 

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