ISecurableObject members

NOTE: This API is now obsolete.

Exposes the role assignments for an object and manages the permissions of the object.

The ISecurableObject type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AllRolesForCurrentUser Obsolete. Gets all the role definitions for the current user.
Public property EffectiveBasePermissions Obsolete. Gets the current user's effective base permissions on the object, including group membership and policies.
Public property FirstUniqueAncestor Obsolete. Gets the first unique ancestor for the object.
Public property HasUniqueRoleAssignments Obsolete. Gets a Boolean value indicating whether the object has unique security or inherits its role assignments from a parent object.
Public property ReusableAcl Obsolete. Gets an opaque object representing the raw access control list (ACL) information of the securable object.
Public property RoleAssignments Obsolete. Gets the role assignments for the object.



  Name Description
Public method BreakRoleInheritance Obsolete. Creates unique role assignments for the object.
Public method CheckPermissions Obsolete. Checks the permissions for a given set of rights.
Public method DoesUserHavePermissions Obsolete. Checks the permissions of the user for a given set of rights.
Public method ResetRoleInheritance Obsolete. Removes the local role assignments and reverts to role assignments from the parent object.


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