Microsoft.Office.Server namespace


  Class Description
Public class ServerContext Provides run-time methods for shared services in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. This class or member is deprecated. When you upgrade or write new applications that use this class or member, use the new class or member instead. Use SPServiceContext instead.
Public class SPScaleOutDatabase
Public class SPScaleOutDatabaseDataRange
Public class SPScaleOutDatabaseDataState
Public class SPScaleOutDatabaseInconsistency
Public class SPScaleOutDatabaseLogEntry
Public class SPScaleOutDatabaseServiceApplicationBase
Public class SPScaleOutDataRange


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration SPScaleoutDatabaseInconsistencyLocation
Public enumeration SPScaleoutDatabaseInconsistencyType
Public enumeration SPScaleOutDatabaseMajorAction
Public enumeration SPScaleOutDatabaseMinorAction
Public enumeration SPScaleOutDatabaseSubRangeMode