CbqQueryVersionInfo members

Contains information about a specific version of a Content By Query Web Part.

The CbqQueryVersionInfo type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method CbqQueryVersionInfo Initializes a new instance of the CbqQueryVersionInfo object.



  Name Description
Public property DataColumnRenames Gets or sets the columns to rename after the data has been retrieved.
Public property DataMappings Gets or sets the data mappings.
Public property FeedDescription Gets or sets a string value that describes the Content By Query Web Part version information feed.
Public property FeedTitle Gets or sets the title of this Content By Query Web Part version information feed.
Public property ProcessDataDelegate Gets or sets the Delegate called to process data before it is sent to the XSL transform.
Public property UseCopyUtil Gets or sets whether the URL for items should use the View Property page.
Public property VersionCrossListQueryInfo Gets or sets the value of an object that represents data about how to perform a cross list query with audience targeting.
Public property WebAndBelow Gets or sets a value that specifies whether to return data from the current Web site and its child sites.



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