SP.List.browserFileHandling property (sp.js)

Gets a value that specifies the override of the web application's BrowserFileHandling property at the list level.

Applies to: apps for SharePoint | SharePoint Foundation 2013 | SharePoint Server 2013

var value = SP.List.get_browserFileHandling ()

Return value

Type: SP.BrowserFileHandling


If the web application's BrowserHandling property is BrowserFileHandling.Strict, then this setting must be ignored.

REST resource endpoint

See List resource for more information.

Endpoint URI structure


HTTP requests

This resource supports the following HTTP commands:

  • POST

POST syntax

POST http://<sitecollection>/<site>/_api/web/lists(listid)/browserFileHandling

GET syntax

GET http://<sitecollection>/<site>/_api/web/lists(listid)/browserFileHandling