Monitoring Events


Topic Last Modified: 2011-01-24

You can monitor certain events by using the Event Viewer in Windows Server operating systems.

All significant events are captured in the Application log. To view the Application log, click Application in either the console tree or the results pane of the Event Viewer.

The Source column identifies the program in which the event occurred. It lists the following events:

  • Information   System events are generated when common system activity occurs, such as a system component being started or stopped. All events identified as System events are included as Information events in the Event Viewer.

  • Warning   Critical events affect the system’s performance but will not cause the system to fail. All events identified as Critical events are included as Warning events in the Event Viewer.

  • Error   Fatal events lead to system failure if they are not addressed. All events identified as Fatal events are included as Error events in the Event Viewer.

To get more information about an event, double-click it. Doing so opens the Event Properties dialog box, with the event type identified in the header (for example, Information).

The Event Properties dialog box provides additional information about the event, including a description of the event. To move to the previous or next event’s Event Properties dialog box, click the appropriate arrow. To copy the description to your clipboard, click the Copy button.