Log File Types and Locations


Topic Last Modified: 2012-06-21

Device update logs contain important information that you can use to manage and troubleshoot devices and device updates.


To view these logs, you must be logged on as a member of the Admins group or with an account that has equivalent user rights.

For Lync Server Enterprise Edition, log files are stored in the Logs folder under the shared folder that your organization uses to store client and device update files. The file path for Enterprise Edition log files is as follows:

<Path of shared updates folder>\Logs

For a Standard Edition server, log files are stored under the Web Components folder within the Lync Server installation folder. The file path for Standard Edition log files is as follows:

%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Lync Server <version>\Web Components\DeviceUpdateFiles\Logs

For both editions, the Logs folder contains the following subfolders:

  • Client. Contains the following three subfolders for device logs:

    • CE Log. Contains CE Log device log files (.clg), which contain the results of functional tests and also contain a record of critical system events. CeLog files are not automatically uploaded; you must manually upload them as described in Uploading Device Log Files. The name of each CE Log file has the form <device type>_<device identifier>-<date as YYYYMMDD>-CELOG<time as HHMMSS>_n.clg where n is 0 or 1. An example CE log file name is 20090501170926-CELOG0.clg.You can extract CE Log files to a text file by running the Readlog.exe tool with the –v (verbose) print option. The Readlog.exe tool is included with Windows CE Platform Builder. For details about reading and analyzing device logs, see the documentation for your device.

    • Watson. Contains Watson log files (.kdmp), which are generated by a device in the event that it stops responding. They encode the device serial number, the date, and the software revision number in the following naming convention: <Device Serial Number>-YYYY-MM-DDHHMMSS-WATSON-1.0.<Device Software Revision Number>.0.kdmp. For example, a Watson log file name might be 78491-322-0002937-00652-2007-06-08151023-WATSON-1.0.3626.0.kdmp. When the device is configured for diagnostic logging, it automatically uploads Watson logs to the Logs\Watson\ folder.

  • Server. All server logs are stored in the \Server\Audit\imageUpdates folder. Server log files record update communication and actions by Device Update Web service. A new log file is created each day for each Front End Server, and all image update requests from devices are appended to the log. The files are named RequestHandlerAuditLog_<server name>_<date>.log. You can view server log files in a text editor or in Microsoft Excel.