Setting Up the Authentication PIN


Topic Last Modified: 2012-08-28

You will need to provision the authentication personal identification number (PIN) for the user on an Aastra 6725ip desk phone, HP 4120 IP Phone (desk phone), or Polycom CX600 IP desk phone. For details about enabling PIN authentication, see Setting Up Authentication.

After you set up PIN authentication, you can create user PINs from Lync Server Control Panel or from the Lync Server Management Shell (Set -CSClientPIN), or users can set up their own PINs by using the Dial-In Conferencing page.

After the PIN is created, you or the user must enter the phone number or extension and authentication PIN on the user’s phone. This allows the phone to discover Lync Server, connect, and then authenticate by using the PIN. After authentication, a Lync Server signed certificate is downloaded to the phone, cached, and then used for subsequent authentication.