Customizing the Lync 2010 Help Menu


Topic Last Modified: 2013-01-18

This topic describes two ways to customize the Microsoft Lync 2010 Help menu:

  • Redirect Lync 2010 help to your own internal help site

  • Add a custom command to the Lync 2010 Help menu that directs people to organization-specific topics such as troubleshooting

Redirect Lync Help to your site

Redirecting Lync online Help—including contextual Help--to your own internal web site involves the four steps detailed in this section:

  1. Download contextual-help.htm and redirection-table.js, a web page and JavaScript program that catches and redirects Lync help calls.

  2. Modify redirection-table.js so that it points to your custom help site, and to any custom contextual help topics you’ve created.

  3. Modify the default Lync help URL so that it points to contextual-help.htm.

  4. Test the contextual Help.

Step One: Copy the redirection files to your web site

Download the following files from the Microsoft Download Center, and place them in the root directory of your custom help site:

File name Description


A JavaScript program that captures Lync contextual help calls


The HTML file that calls the JavaScript program


These files are supplied as-is, with no warranties, either expressed or implied.

Step Two: Edit the redirection table

  1. In the root directory of your custom help site, open redirection-table.js for editing.

  2. At the end of the JavaScript switch statement, locate the default return value, and update the URL so that it points to you own Lync Help site--for example, http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/default.htm.

  3. (Optional) Modify the JavaScript switch statement so that the other return values point to any custom contextual help topics you’ve created.

  4. Save and close the file.

Step Three: Change the Default Lync Help URL

  1. Verify that the files contextual-help.htm and redirection-table.js are in the root directory of your web site.

  2. Modify the default Lync Help URL so that it points to the redirection handler, contextual-help.htm. To do this, run the following Lync Server Management Shell command on your Lync Server, replacing the Identity and CustomizedHelpURL parameter values as appropriate:

    New-CsClientPolicy -Identity MyLyncHelp 
    -EnableEnterpriseCustomizedHelp $True -CustomizedHelpUrl 
  3. Use the Grant-CsClientPolicy cmdlet to assign this new policy to users.

For details, see New-CsClientPolicy and Grant-CsClientPolicy at the TechNet Library.

Step Four: Test Contextual Help

Contextual Help refers to Help that describes your specific location in the user interface. When contextual Help is available, a parameter string similar to the following is added to the base Lync Help URL: ?clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1035.

The parameters are defined as follows:

Parameter Description


Language code


Product version


Contextual Help ID

To test contextual Help, create a spreadsheet or document containing URLs in the following format:


where xxxx is the contextual Help code you want to test. See Contextual Help Codes for the complete list.

Add a command to the Lync 2010 Help menu

If you don’t need to customize all Lync Help topics, you can add an organization-specific item to the Lync Help menu that, for example, provides troubleshooting or help desk information. This type of custom Help menu item is available before the user is signed in to the server, so it’s especially useful for providing information about potential sign-in issues.

To add your own command to the Lync Help menu, use the HelpMenuText and HelpMenuURL Group Policy settings. For details, see Key Client Policies and Settings.

The following example shows a Contoso Help Desk command added to the Lync Help menu:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"HelpMenuText"="Contoso Help Desk"

Contextual Help Codes

The following table lists the contextual Help codes currently available in Lync 2010. In the Test URL column, replace “MyIntranet/LyncHelp” with the root directory of your custom help site.

Help ID Help request context Test URL


Location dialog box

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1028


Main window F1 (including pre-sign-in screen); conversation window F1; Help menu

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1034


Options > Status tab

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1035


Online Meeting Add-in: Options

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1036


Options > Personal

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1038


Options > General

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1040


Meeting invitation > First Online Meeting?

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1041


Options > Alerts

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1044


Recording Manager Help menu

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1045


Recording Manager Publish dialog box

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1046


Lync Recording Player Help

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1047


Options > Phone Options > “Learn more about setting phone options”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1050


Delegate added notification: “You were added as a delegate for user”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1052


Options > Personal > Advanced connection settings dialog box

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1054


Options > Call Forwarding > Help

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1055


Options > Call Forwarding > Learn More

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1057


Options > Call Forwarding > Learn more about work hours in Outlook

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1059


Options > Phone > phone_type_button > Edit Phone Number dialog box

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1060


Meeting Readiness page, linked to from the First Time Online Meeting topic (Help ID1041). Contains JavaScript that checks for installed meeting clients.

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1061


Lync Web App (indirect), linked to from the Meeting Readiness page JavaScript

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1062

Help ID Help request context Test URL


Lync Web App sign-in screen

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1063


Lync Web App: Sharing plug-in installation

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1064


Options > File Saving > Help

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1069


Options > Audio Device > Learn More

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1070


Options > Ringtones and Sounds

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1071


Options > Audio Device

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1072


Options > Video Device

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1073


Options > Phone > Advanced > “Learn more about phone integration”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1074


Options > Video Device > Learn More

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1075


Contact card F1 Help

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1076


Conversation window: Settings > Recording Options

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1077


Disconnect audio while recording: “Your audio is not currently being recorded”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1078


Options > My Picture

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1079


Response group added notification: “You were added as an agent for response_group”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1080


Stop recording: “Your recording is automatically saved to your computer in Lync recording format.”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1081


Sharing: “Some people in the meeting are not viewing what you are sharing”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1082


Voice Quality Notification - Render issues: “Your computer is causing poor audio quality”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1085


Voice Quality Notification - Low signal-to-noise ratio: “Your microphone is capturing too much noise”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1086


Voice Quality Notification - Microphone clipping: “You may be speaking too close to the microphone”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1087


Voice Quality Notification - Echo: “Your audio device may cause echo for others”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1088


Voice Quality Notification - Half-duplex mode: “Your device is causing poor audio quality”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1089

Help ID Help request context Test URL


Voice Quality Notification - Multiple device events: “Your device is causing poor audio quality”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1090


Voice Quality Notification - Capture device not functioning: “Your microphone is not working”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1091


Voice Quality Notification - Render device not working: “Your speaker is not working”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1092


Voice Quality Notification - Capture and render devices not working: “Your speaker and microphone are not working”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1093


Voice Quality Notification - Render device is system muted: “Your speaker is muted”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1094


Voice Quality Notification - Render device has zero volume: “Your speaker volume is low”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1095


Voice Quality Notification - Multiple audio endpoints or howling: “Multiple audio devices in the same room may cause audio quality issues”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1096


Voice Quality Notification - Three bars during audio or video call: “Network connectivity is good”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1097


Voice Quality Notification - One or two bars for audio call: “Network connectivity is causing audio quality issues”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1098


Voice Quality Notification - One or two bars for video call: “Network connectivity is causing video quality issues”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1099


Voice Quality Notification - One bar due to network delays: “Network connectivity might be causing audio delays”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1100


Voice Quality Notification - Low CPU cycles available: “Your computer is running slowly and is affecting audio quality”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1101


Voice Quality Notification - Remote echo in peer-to-peer call: “Remote_party is using a device that might be causing echo”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1102


Voice Quality Notification - Roster notification in a conference call: “Remote_party is using a device that is causing poor audio quality”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1103


Voice Quality Notification - TTY notification in a conference call: “TTY mode is turned on and might cause audio issues”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1104


Voice Quality Notification - TTY notification in a peer-to-peer call: “TTY mode is turned on”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1105


Voice Quality Notification - TTY option on Tools > Options > Phones > Accessibility

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1106


Sharing: “Don’t see the program you want to share?”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1107


Options > My Picture > “Not sure how to get a web address for a picture or need more help?”

http://MyIntranet/LyncHelp/custom-help.htm? clid=1033&p1=4&p2=1992