Understanding Credit Status Alerts in Azure

When you sign up for an Azure offer, you may receive a monetary credit that you can apply toward the purchase of services during the offer period. If you run out of credit before the end of the offer period, your services will be suspended. If this occurs, you must either upgrade or discontinue the offer.


Monetary credits for Azure offers have no cash value. You cannot redeem the credits for cash, or exchange them for other services.

To help you keep track of the time and credit that remains for an offer, Azure monitors your credit balance, and alerts you if credit runs low.


The Microsoft Azure Management Portal can also display credit status alerts for offers from other providers such as Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) and the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).

Credit Status alerts in the Azure Management Portal

If you run low on credit, a Credit Status alert appears in the title bar of the Azure Management Portal. Click the alert to view the following information:

  • The amount of credit remaining for the offer

  • The number of days that remain until the end of an offer

  • Links to related resources

Credit Status information in the Azure Account Center

The Subscriptions page in the Azure Account Center provides more detail information about your subscription status. In addition to the credit balance and number of days remaining in the trial period, you can also view a chart that depicts how much credit you are using each day. Based on your credit usage, Azure predicts whether you have sufficient credit remaining to complete the trial period.


Azure requires a few days’ worth of usage information before it can make a prediction.