Get the Query URL

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The Develop tab is an easy way for the Service Explorer user to copy the URL to the XML Feed representing the current query.


The following prerequisite must be met before you can query a dataset in Service Explorer.

  • A valid Windows Live ID or OrgID.
    If you need a Live ID go to the Windows Live home page and sign-up for a Live ID.

  • A valid Marketplace account.
    If you do not have a Marketplace account, go to the topic Create Your Marketplace Account and follow the instructions there.

  • A subscription to a dataset of interest.
    If you have not subscribed to a dataset, go to the topic Subscribe to a Data Offer and follow the instructions there.

  • A query result set from your dataset of interest.
    If you do not have a result set from a dataset query, go to the topic Query a Dataset and follow the instructions there.

Get the Query URL

To get the query URL for the current dataset:

  1. Log in to the Marketplace with your Microsoft ID.

  2. Click either the Data or the My Account tab.

  3. If you clicked the My Account tab, click My Data.

  4. Select a dataset to query.

  5. Click Explore this Dataset.
    The query URL is to the left and above the query results. (See Figure 1)

Get query URL

Figure 1: Query URL

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