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This topic provides links to code examples and other sites of importance for those writing code against Windows Azure Marketplace (WAM). As we learn of examples that are added to Code Gallery or CodePlex they be added here.

These links take you to code samples and other resources that you can leverage when you create your own Marketplace application.

Product Samples

Link Description

OAuth Web Client Example

Web Client sample shows how to integrate an ASP.NET web application with the Marketplace.

OAuth Rich Client Example

Rich Client sample shows how to integrate a Windows application with the Marketplace.

DataMarket Flexible Query Demo

C# Web app that demonstrates Windows Azure Marketplace (WAM) flexible queries.
Uses free U.S. Gov. City Crime dataset.

DataMarket Fixed Query Demo

C# Web application that demonstrates Windows Azure Marketplace (WAM) fixed queries.
Uses free Zillow APIs to discover pertinent information for a real estate purchase.

Silverlight App for DataMarket

Sample that accesses a Marketplace fixed query in Silverlight. Demos async fixed query to the Marketplace with basic authentication.
Uses the free Zillow Mortgage Information API dataset on Marketplace.

Distribute in the Marketplace

Sample applications that can be sold on the Marketplace. One sample consumes Marketplace data, the other does not.

Walkthrough: Microsoft Translator in a C# Console Application

Sample console application that leverages the Microsoft Translator.

Community Contributed Samples

Link Description

Azure DataMarket

Sample application which accesses data from the Windows Azure Marketplace (WAM).
Uses free U.S. Gov. City Crime dataset.

Downloads and Resources

Link Description

OData - .NET/Silverlight/WP7 libraries

These three OData downloads are listed since Marketplace exposes OData. These should provide examples that you can leverage to create applications that consume Marketplace OData.

  • OData .NET 4, Silverlight 4, Windows Phone 7 Client example
    Visual Studio 2010 solution with the source code for the OData .NET 4, Silverlight 4, and Windows Phone 7 Client library. To use, unzip the file locally and open the solution in Visual Studio 2010.
    Source code, 361K, uploaded Oct 28 2010.

  • OData Client Binaries and Code Gen. Tool for Windows Phone 7
    OData client assemblies and code generation tools for use on Windows Phone 7. These libraries are permitted for use in production applications and can be used to build applications that are submitted to the Windows Phone application marketplace.
    Application, 214K, uploaded Oct 28 2010

  • OData Windows Phone 7 Sample App
    Sample Windows Phone 7 application which uses the OData client library for Windows Phone 7. Before opening this sample, ensure that you have the Windows Phone Developer Tools installed.
    Example, 726K, uploaded Oct 28 2010

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