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You can use the Query tab in Marketplace Service Explorer to create a custom query without writing any code. The query results can then be transformed into graphical visualizations, shared with others, and exported to other programs for detailed analysis. This topic walks you through querying your data from within Service Explorer, which is where it all begins.

If you want to query a dataset using code, see the topic Query Marketplace Datasets from your App and its sub-topics.


The following prerequisites must be met before you can query a dataset in Service Explorer:

  • A valid Windows Live ID or OrgID.
    If you need a Live ID go to the Windows Live home page and sign-up for a Live ID.

  • A valid Marketplace account.
    If you do not have a Marketplace account, go to the topic Create Your Marketplace Account and follow the instructions there.

  • A subscription to a dataset of interest.
    If you have not subscribed to a dataset, go to the topic Subscribe to a Data Offer and follow the instructions there.

Query a Dataset

When you click Explore this Dataset, Service Explorer launches in a separate window or tab with one of these results:

  1. The dataset has no required parameters (it may or may not have optional parameters).

    Service Explorer executes a parameterless query and returns the first 100 rows of the dataset.

  2. The dataset has one or more required parameters (it may also have optional parameters).

    No query is executed until you,;

    1. Fill in data values for all required parameters, and

    2. Click Run Query.

Query Result – Table Format

Figure 2 shows a Table view from a query of the Alteryx Census Demographic Data dataset.

Figure 2: Table of Query Results

Figure 2 – Table of Query Results

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