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This topic walks you through how to subscribe to an application offered through the Marketplace.


Before you proceed, make sure that you have:

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Find an Application of Interest

Steps to find an application you might be interested in.

Subscribe to an Application

Steps to subscribe to an application you want to use.

Find an Application of Interest

Find an application that looks like it might be what you need.

  1. Click the Applications tab.

  2. If you know what publisher or category you're interested in, you can optionally click a category or publisher to browse a subset of available offers.

  3. Browse through the application offerings. Read the descriptions until you find an application of interest.

  4. Click the name of the application you want to subscribe to.

Subscribe to an Application

Some publishers of paid applications offer free trial subscriptions where the trial lasts one month.. A trial subscription allows you to "try out" the application before you commit to purchase it. If you sign up for a trial subscription, it automatically rolls over to a paid subscription if you do not cancel the subscription before the end of the one month free trial.

  1. In the right column of the page, find the subscription variants that are available for this subscription.

  2. If there is more than one subscription variant, click Sign up (free variants) or Buy (paid variants) for the variant you want.


    If a publisher offers both paid and free subscriptions, the free subscriptions generally are restricted to noncommercial use. Read the Publisher Terms Of Use carefully so you know the limitations on the service you selected.

    For information on subscription costs and billing, see Understand Subscriptions.

    If this is a paid or trial subscription, you are taken to the Purchase page to complete the purchase.

    Billing Information

    1. Fill in the required information on the page (first time only, after that you only re-select your credit card).

    2. If you want to continue with this purchase click Next, otherwise click Cancel.

    3. Wait while your request is processed. This process might take several minutes.

    4. Carefully read the terms of use.

    5. If you agree to the terms of use, check the I have read and agree to the terms of use check box.

    6. After your request has been approved click the Purchase button to finish the purchase or Cancel to cancel the purchase.

  3. On the Thank You page, click Print if you want a hard copy receipt for your records.

You are now subscribed to this application and can use it in accordance with the Publisher Terms Of Use. When you click the My Applications link on the Account Details page, this application appears as one you are subscribed to.

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