Microsoft Azure Mobile Services makes it easy to view the resources used by a mobile service instance.


By default, the quick start tutorial is displayed when you click a mobile service instance from the list of services. To hide this page and instead go to the dashboard, check Skip Quick Start the next time I visit.

The dashboard provides a central location to display the following information about your mobile service:

  • Mobile service endpoint status: Displays endpoint status of a mobile service when endpoint monitoring is configured in the Standard tier. For more information, see Monitor availability.

  • Autoscale status: Displays current autoscale information for mobile services that have autoscale enabled in the Basic or Standard tier. For more information, see Scaling a mobile service.

  • Usage overview: Displays activity and usage information for the current mobile service instance. For more information, see Monitor usage.

  • Source control: Enable source control or reset source control credentials. For more information, see Source control.

  • Quick glance: Displays other relevant service information, including the service URL, status, location and subscription.