Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" (Beta) Technical Library

This topic outlines the different types of documentation available for Microsoft® Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" (ILM "2").

What are you looking for?

If you are new to ILM “2” and want a brief overview about the product

ILM "2" Getting Started

New to ILM “2”? The Getting Started documentation includes overviews, system requirements, set-up information, and walkthroughs that help you learn about ILM “2”.

If you are familiar with ILM “2”, but would like to have an in depth understanding of how it works

ILM "2" Technical Reference

This documentation set provides in-depth information about components, architecture, new terminology in ILM "2"

If you want to learn about the processes involved in deploying ILM “2”

ILM "2" Deployment

This documentation set includes information about recommended deployment scenarios for ILM “2” including how to upgrade from the previous versions and also solution guides that provide deployment information for uncommon scenarios.