Adsiedit Remarks

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

ADSIEdit Remarks

Installing ADSIEdit

Adsiedit.msc is a snap-in that runs in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). You can add the snap-in to any .msc file through Add/Remove Snap-in menu option in MMC or just open the Adsiedit.msc file from Windows Explorer.

The Adsiedit.msc will not run unless the adsiedit.dll is registered. This will happen automatically if support tools are installed. However, if the support tool files are copied instead of installed, then you must run the regsvr32 command on the adsiedit.dll before running the adsiedit.msc snap-in.

Automatic Connection to a Domain

Adsiedit.msc (the MMC snap-in for ADSI Edit) automatically attempts to load the current domain to which the user is logged on. If the computer is installed in a work group or otherwise not logged onto a domain, the message "The specified domain does not exist" displays repeatedly.

To avoid problems in this situation, open Mmc.exe, add the ADSI Edit snap-in manually, make any connections that are appropriate for you with whatever credentials are necessary, and then save the console file. This gives you your own default console that works with ADSI Edit.

User Rights and Domain Membership

ADSI Edit can be run from a client computer or server. The computer does not have to be a member of a domain, but the user must have the rights to view and/or edit the Active Directory domain they are connecting to.

Missing Commands

The Action menus in MMC are context sensitive. If the user does not have permission to perform an action, the action might not appear in the menu.

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