Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2


Displays information about a user or users on a specified remote computer (typically a computer running UNIX) that is running the Finger service or daemon. The remote computer specifies the format and output of the user information display. Used without parameters, finger displays help.


finger [-l] [User] [**@**Host] [...]

  • -l
    Displays user information in long list format.
  • User
    Specifies the user about which you want information. If you omit the User parameter, finger displays information about all users on the specified computer.
  • @ Host
    Specifies the remote computer running the Finger service where you are looking for user information. You can specify a computer name or IP address.
  • /?
    Displays help at the command prompt.
  • Multiple User**@**Host parameters can be specified.

  • You must prefix finger parameters with a hyphen (-) rather than a slash (/).

  • This command is available only if the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) protocol is installed as a component in the properties of a network adapter in Network Connections.

  • The Windows ServerĀ 2003 family does not provide a finger service.


To display information for user1 on the computer, type:


To display information for all users on the computer, type:


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