Print Server Failover Cluster

This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.

A cluster is a group of independent computers that work together to increase the availability of print services or other services. If one of the clustered servers fails, another server begins to provide service, a process known as failover.


The following is a list of all aspects that are part of this managed entity:

Name Description

Failover Cluster Printer Driver Upgrade Status

On server clusters or failover clusters running Windows Server 2003 or later, an updated or upgraded printer driver usually propagates automatically to all nodes. This propagation is necessary because all nodes must use the same version of the printer driver.

Failover Cluster Published Printers Status

You can publish print queues on a failover cluster to Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) so that users can search for printers by location or other attributes. Problems publishing print queues on a failover cluster usually pertain to AD DS permissions for each node of the print server.

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