Network Health


Click the Network Health button on the Windows® Home Server Console to view the health of your home network.

The Home Network Health dialog shows you health notifications from your home server and your home computers that are running Windows Vista. You can view the health of your entire network from one convenient location so you can take the necessary actions to correct any problems.


Health notifications are also displayed in the Windows Home Server task tray icon on home computers that have the Windows Home Server Connector software installed.

The possible health states are as follows:

  • Healthy

    39477530-d8eb-4e20-b028-6569f6c8847f A green health notification button indicates a Healthy network, which requires no action.

  • At risk

    fc6e974c-8f5a-4b2f-846d-9a1dca5b9573 A yellow health notification button indicates an At risk issue that you should address as soon as possible.

  • Critical

    7bbad82b-3e60-4216-834c-f96c3e9ca19b A red health notification button indicates a Critical issue that you must address immediately.

Follow the instructions in the health notifications to resolve each issue.

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