Remote Access

You can use Remote Access to easily access your files and home computers via a Web browser while you are away from home. You can download files, upload files, connect to your home computers, and administer Windows Home Server.


You may need to add services from your broadband provider to use the remote-access features in Windows Home Server. For more information, see Broadband/ISP Requirements for Remote Access.

For more information about setting up Remote Access, see Windows Home Server Settings, Remote Access.

You cannot use the Guest or the Administrator account to log on to Remote Access. You must log on with a user account that is enabled for Remote Access.


All user accounts that have Remote Access enabled require a strong password. This cannot be changed.

To connect to your home server while your are away from home, open a Web browser, and then browse to http://*YourHomeServerDomainName*, where YourHomeServerDomainName is a domain name that you assign to your home server. For more information, see Domain Name.

There are three tabs on the Remote Access page:

Screenshot for Remote Access

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