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You can use the User Accounts tab on the Windows® Home Server Console to add, remove, and change user accounts on your home server. You should add a user account for each person who uses your home network so they can access shared folders on Windows Home Server.

The following information is displayed for each user account on Windows Home Server:

  • Name

    Displays the name of the person associated with the user account.

  • Logon Name

    Displays the user account name that is used to log on to a home computer. For more information, see Why should logon names match?

  • Remote Access

    Indicates if Remote Access is enabled.

  • Account Status

    Indicates if the user account is enabled or disabled.

When you add a new user account, Windows Home Server does the following:

  • Creates a new user account

    The new user account can have a first name, last name, logon name, and password.

  • Configures the type of access to shared folders

    You can set the type of access to shared folders as Full, Read, or None.

  • Creates a personal shared folder

    By default, no other user accounts can access the personal shared folder.

  • Configures Remote Access

    By default, Remote Access is not enabled for new user accounts.

For more information about user-account tasks, see the following topics:

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