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You can use the Shared Folders tab on the Windows® Home Server console to add, view the properties of, open, and remove shared folders on your home server. Shared folders are places for you to organize and store files on your home server so that you can share them with other people on your home network.

The following information is displayed for each shared folder in Windows Home Server:

  • Name

    Displays the name of the shared folder.

  • Description

    A description is shown if this information was typed when the shared folder was added.

  • Used Space

    Displays how much server storage space each shared folder uses.

  • Duplication

    Indicates if Folder Duplication is on or off. Folder Duplication duplicates files across multiple hard drives.

  • Status

    Indicates the health of each shared folder.

Windows Home Server automatically creates the following shared folders:

  • Music

  • Photos

  • Public

  • Software

  • Videos

In addition, a personal shared folder is automatically created for each user account. By default, no other user account can access this personal shared folder.

You can change who can access the files that are in a shared folder by using the Properties page for that shared folder.

For more information about shared-folder tasks, see the following topics:

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