Windows Home Server Console

The Windows® Home Server Console is where you manage Windows Home Server and the home computers on your network.

Screenshot of Windows Home Server Console

From the Windows Home Server Console, you can do the following:

  • Configure user accounts

    User Accounts icon Click the User Accounts tab to add up to 10 user accounts. You can also change which shared folders users can access, and you can enable Remote Access. Each user is automatically provided with a personal shared folder that only they (by default) can access, for example: \\server\users\peter.

  • Add, view, and manage the backups of your home computers

    Computers and Backup icon Click the Computers & Backup tab to view the backup status and to configure backups on the computers where you have installed the Windows Home Server Connector software.

  • Configure shared folders

    Shared Folders icon Click the Shared Folders tab to add and remove shared folders and to change the properties of shared folders. When you create a new folder, you can select Enable Folder Duplication so the files are duplicated across two different hard drives. If one hard drive fails, you will not lose any files that are stored in a shared folder with folder duplication enabled.

  • Configure server storage

    Server Storage icon Click the Server Storage tab to view the storage usage on your home server and to add or remove hard drives from server storage.

  • Review Network Health

    39477530-d8eb-4e20-b028-6569f6c8847f Click the Network Health button to see whether your home network is healthy or whether there are issues that you need to attend to.

  • View and change Windows Home Server settings

    Server Settings icon Click Settings to open Windows Home Server Settings. From here, you can change various settings for your home server.


Press F5 at any time to refresh the console.

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