Select an Information Card

Applies To: Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 2.0, Windows 7, Windows Vista

A website or an online service can require you to present an Information Card to establish your identity and to gain privileged access to a site or service. When that happens, CardSpace 2.0 prompts you to select a card among all the cards that match the requirements of that site or service.

Selecting Information Cards

To select an Information Card to use with a website, complete the following procedure.

To select an Information Card to use with a website

  1. When you are prompted by a site that requires card access, in the Windows Security dialog box, select the Information Card that you intend to use for this site or online service. You can identify the card by its image and name.

    To find out what information your card issuer will send about you, click What information will be sent?.

    If you select the Always use this card at this site check box, you will not be prompted to select this card again. Instead, the card that you select now will automatically be selected and used to sign in each time that you revisit the same site.

  2. If you are asked for your credentials, type your credentials.


    The credentials that you provide for an Information Card will be sent only to the card issuer, not to the site where the card is being presented for use.

  3. Click OK.