Importing the role model into the production BHOLD database


Applies To: Forefront Identity Manager

The BHOLD Model Loader utility is a simple tool that allows you to import a role model created by the Microsoft BHOLD Model Generator module into your production BHOLD Core database. To run the utility, you must be logged on your production BHOLD Core server by using the BHOLD root account. Usually, this is the account that was used to install BHOLD Core.

Before you can use Model Loader, you must have copied the Model Generator export file (MG_PC_Export.xml) from your test BHOLD Core server to your production BHOLD Core computer. For more information about exporting a role model from Model Generator, see Using the BHOLD Model Generator wizard elsewhere in this guide.


The Model Loader utility is not supported for use with an existing role model in the BHOLD Core database. Do not attempt to use Model Loader to merge an existing role model with a role model created by Model Generator.

To use Model Loader to import a role model

  1. Log on to the server running BHOLD Core by using the root account.


    You must run Model Loader on the server running BHOLD Core. You cannot use it on a remote computer.

  2. Click Start, click All Programs, right-click Internet Explorer, and then click Run as Administrator.

  3. In Internet Explorer, in the address bar, type the following URL:

    http:// <server> : <port> /bhold/core

    where <server> is the name of the BHOLD Core server and <port> is the number of the port specified when installing BHOLD Core.


    You must open the BHOLD Core portal before running Model Loader.

  4. In Internet Explorer, click the New Tab tab.

  5. In the address bar, type the following URL:

    http:// <server> : <port> /bhold/core/modelloader.aspx

  6. Click Browse, and then select the export file.

  7. Click Upload.

After importing the role model, you should use the BHOLD Core portal to examine the role model and, if necessary, correct any issues before putting BHOLD into production.

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