Modify a Job

Applies To: Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 R2, Microsoft HPC Pack 2012, Microsoft HPC Pack 2012 R2, Windows HPC Server 2008 R2

In HPC Job Manager, you can add tasks and modify some properties of jobs in the job queue. You can add tasks to any jobs except for jobs that are in the Finished state. You can only edit task properties for tasks that are in the Configuring state.

You can use the following procedure to modify a job using HPC Job Manager.


To complete this procedure, you must be the job owner or a cluster administrator.

To modify a job

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click My Jobs.

  2. In the job list, click the job that you want to modify.

  3. Right-click your selection and click Modify Job.

  4. Change the property values as appropriate.

  5. Click Modify to apply the changes. If necessary, requeue your job.

Guidelines for modifying jobs

The following table describes the job properties that you can modify in each job state:

Job state Guidelines for modification


All properties can be modified.


All properties can be modified. However, changes to most properties for jobs in this state cause the job to be reconfigured. Reconfiguring a job changes your submit time, which affects your place in the job queue (queue position is determined by priority level and submit time).

The following properties can be changed without affecting the submit time:

  • Priority

  • Notify on start

  • Notify on completion

  • Job environment variables

  • Progress

  • Progress Message

Adding tasks does not affect submit time.


The following properties can be modified:

  • Name

  • Project name

  • Run time (dd:hh:mm)

  • Run until canceled

  • Priority

  • Notify on completion

  • Progress

  • Progress message

  • Excluded nodes

  • Job environment variables

Changes to the job environment variables only apply to tasks that start after the change is made. Changes to this property do not apply to running tasks.

Canceled and Failed

All job properties can be modified. When you click Modify to apply your changes, the job and all Canceled or Failed tasks in the job move to the Configuring state.

You can submit the job, or re-open the Modify Job dialog box to edit the tasks.


You cannot modify a Finished job. To run a job again, either as-is, or with changes, see Copy a Job or Task.

Additional considerations

  • You can set a few additional job properties by using HPC Power Shell or at a command prompt window. For example, you can specify nodes to exclude from the job or manually set job progress or a progress message. You cannot set these properties in HPC Job Manager, but you can see their values in the job list by displaying the corresponding columns. For more information, see Define Excluded Nodes for a Job and Set the Progress and Progress Message Job Properties from a Script File.

  • When you copy a job or create a new job from an XML job description file, you can modify any of the job or task properties before submission.

  • For information about basic terminology, opening HPC Job Manager, and connecting to a cluster, see Overview of HPC Job Manager.

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