Remote Web Access

Applies To: Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard

Remote Web Access is the secure Web site entrance for local and remote access to the resources that are stored on the Windows SBS 2011 Standard network. You can access Remote Web Access with an Internet-enabled computer from within the office or from any remote location.

To access your organization’s Remote Web Access from a computer that is connected to your network, use the Remote Web Access link that is located in the Favorites links of your computer’s Internet browser. To access Remote Web Access from a remote computer, contact your network administrator to obtain the Internet address for your organization’s Web site.

After logging on to Remote Web Access, you can access resources on the Windows SBS 2011 Standard network, such as your e-mail, your Internal Web site, applications, and your remote desktop computer.

If you do not have a trusted certificate installed on the computer that you are using to access Remote Web Access, you will receive a "Certificate Invalid" error message. To resolve this error, you can install a self-issued certificate on the computer. Copy the Self-Issued Certificate Installation Package application from the server to a removable storage device (such as a USB device). Then run the application on the remote computer, and opt to install the self-signed certificate on it. For detailed information about installing the self-signed certificate on a computer, click “Install the server’s security certificate on your remote computer” topic in the Announcements section of your company’s Internal Web site.

The following table lists the tasks that are available to you after you log on to Remote Web Access with your network user name and password.

Remote Web Access Tasks

Task Description

Check Email

Check e-mail over the Internet.


Connect to any computer on the network (for which you have permissions), and access the desktop, applications, files, and other resources as if you were at that computer in the office.

Internal Web Site

Opens the organization's Internal Web site. From this Web site, you can access the same Internal Web site resources that are available to you from your office.

Organization Links

See important links to content or Web sites that can help you accomplish your daily tasks. These links are configured by your network administrator. By default this section includes:

  • Using Remote Web Access   Opens this Windows SBS 2011 Standard Client Computer Help document.

Administration Links

(network administrators only)

See links that are visible only to network administrators. By default, Administration links includes:

  • Windows Small Business Server Community    Opens the Windows SBS 2011 Standard Community page, which is located at the Microsoft Web site.

For information about managing Remote Web Access, see Managing Remote Web Access.