Connect to Azure Storage (Restore)

The dialog box allows you to specify the connection to Azure storage account information in order to retrieve the files storage in the Azure storage account. After specifying the required information, click Connect to establish the connection to Azure storage.

Azure Storage Account

Storage account
Select, type or paste the name of the Azure storage account you want to use. The drop down box lists the accounts previously used.

Account key
Specify the Azure storage account access key.

Use secure endpoints (HTTPS) check box
Select this option to make a secure connection to Azure storage - recommended.

Save account key check box
Select this check box if you want SQL Server to remember the access key for this storage account.

SQL Credential

Select an existing credential
Select an existing SQL Credential that matches the storage account and account key information.

Create a new Credential
Select this option to create a new credential using the storage account and account key information. Specify the name of the new credential in the Credential Name field.