Reporting Services SharePoint Mode Installation (SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013)

Reporting Services in SharePoint mode is a collection of server components that provide report generation and delivery, based on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint products.

Running Reporting Services in SharePoint mode provides the Power View and data alerting features. For more information regarding features in SharePoint mode, see the section "Feature Support and Behavior Differences by Server Mode" in Reporting Services Report Server

There are two fundamental installations needed for Reporting Services in SharePoint mode:

Installation Description
The Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services add-in for SharePoint products. The add-in installs the Reporting Services user interface (UI) pages and features on a SharePoint web front-end server. The UI features include Power View, administration pages in SharePoint Central Administration, feature pages used within SharePoint document libraries, and Reporting Services Data Alerting pages.
The Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services report server installed in SharePoint Mode The report server handles the data and report processing and rendering as well subscription and Data Alert processing. The SharePoint mode report server is architected and installed as a SharePoint Shared Service.

To install Reporting Services, use the SQL Server 2014 installation media.

For instructions on advanced deployment scenarios, see Deployment Checklist: Reporting Services, Power View, and PowerPivot for SharePoint and Deployment Checklist: Install Reporting Services into an Existing SharePoint Farm.

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